I fell in love with clay and its process in 1965 and have been lucky enough (or perhaps just stubborn enough) to stick with it as I continue to grow and learn. It has taken me to many places (literally and figuratively).

I first got my hands in clay at the University of Wisconsin, under the tutelage of the great Don Reitz. I then continued my work and studies at the University of Montana under Rudy Autio. Both of these masters were wonderfully inspirational, and led me to explore the magical world of clay.

From Montana, I moved up to British Columbia where I ripped apart a defunct crematorium for the firebrick to build a kiln, so that I could set up shop and continue to explore clay in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

My current creative roost is here in West Stockbridge, where I came as a child to visit Tanglewood and am lucky enough to have returned and to call it home now. Summer camp all year round! What could be better!

Since I am easily bored, I do a variety of different kinds of pottery. I love to throw on the potter’s wheel, which I find wonderfully meditative, but I also do much hand building with slabs of clay and hand rolled coils, which I braid and weave to create asymmetrical works and pieces that are askew.

I have an appetite for color, and enjoy putting the same color next to different colors and observing how the color changes. Thus, when you enter my showroom, you will see a vibrant feast of hues! Much of this is inspired by the nature that surrounds me and the infinite colors it produces, and some of it from my world travels during which I am ALWAYS LOOKING.

When people approach my showroom telling me that they cannot stop smiling and that they love the whimsy in my approaching gardens, I feel that MY MISSION IS ACCOMPLISHED!!!